SEO Tips for Your Image board Website

Your username is used to generate the unique URL's for your chan. These URL's are search optimized and captured by Google Bot and other popular search engine crawlers.

For example, if your user name is selected as: "goodchan", then your indexed URL's will be something like:

SEO Example
Your Chan will show up on Google's results like this

A great SEO technique when selecting a username is to choose something that is short yet descriptive and unique. Doing so ensures the highest possibility that your chan gets listed in Google's index and appears in search results, thus generating some organic traffic to your website.

The same applies when entering in your Chan's title. Use no more that maybe 2 or 3 words. Don't try to make your title act as a description, there is a separate field for that.

Changing your Username

Think carefully about what you select. Once registered, your username can NOT be changed by yourself unless you delete your account and register a new one.

Deleting an account will remove all statistics and reviews associated with the account. Additionally, if your Chan has already been indexed by Google, it may take several weeks for Google to update it's search results. During that time, your search listings may result in a 404 error.

We do however accept change requests for a nominal fee. By submitting a change request we will rename your account and preserve your statistics. Optionally, we can also setup 301 redirects from your old username to the new one so that your search listings continue to function.

The Cost of a change Request is as Follows:

  • Initial Request for change of username: $30 USD
  • Permanent Redirect (301): $5 per week*

* It could take Google several weeks to update the results.!topic/webmasters/cv3GvregOvA[1-25]

To submit a change, please reply to the welcome email that you received when you initially registered. Payment are accepted through PayPal only.