What is ChanRank™

chanrank graph

With TopChan.info's ChanRank™, chan users will be offered a high quality list of chans that no other top site can match. The top secret ranking algorithm is unique only to TopChan.info and is not sold or licensed to other top lists.

The ChanRank™ algorithm computes a score using a specialized formula. It factors in data such as review points, traffic, popularity, and several other components relating to the chan.

ChanRank™ rewards the chans with good content and traffic while penalizing SPAM lists and cheaters.

You should see an instant improvement on the ranking quality of your chan on TopChan.info if you have quality content and good traffic. Just make sure you have those buttons installed on your chan.

How to Improve your Rank

Several factors may contribute to your calculated ChanRank™. Among the most important of these factors is Chan content. Not necessarily the amount of content, but the quality of your chan's content.


A chan with good content has posts with no link SPAM and a website with user friendly ads. This means no pop-up ads and link injection. It's also important to make sure your chan has no illegal content.

Another way to improve your ChanRank™ is to make sure your TopChan.info buttons are properly installed and clearly visible.