is a comprehensive list of the Internets best and most popular chan image boards.

A chan list is a specialized website dedicated to listing chans on the Internet. While their are endless amounts of chan lists available on the world wide web, not all are built the same. Some may be spam indexes, or even contain malware. If you are a chan operator, listing your chan on one of these "bad" chan lists could have a detrimental effect on your search engine ranking. Even to the point of being blacklisted.

It's for this reason, we recommend to all chan webmasters that you list your chan only on the TopChan Information List. Our chan list is verified to be 100% free of malware & is guaranteed to improve your chan's search engine ranking.

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An imageboard (also chan, which is short for channel) is a type of Internet forum that revolves around the posting of images. The first imageboards were created in Japan, and many English-language imageboards today are centered around Japanese culture. Characteristics of imageboards

Imageboards, similar to bulletin boards, are used for discussion of a variety of topics. The primary focus of imageboards, however, is directed away from text posts, and is instead placed on picture posts. The two share many of the same structures, including separate forums for separate topics, as well as similar audiences. Imageboards are much more transitory with content—on some boards (especially highly-trafficked ones), the thread deletion time can be as little as 10 minutes. The most popular English-language imageboards tend to revolve around Japanese culture such as CG artwork or anime. In Japan, where imageboards are more common, topics vary widely, ranging from trains to current news.

Imageboards are also different from online galleries in that most of the works posted are not made by the poster, but instead are taken from other online sources: galleries, other imageboards, and edited pictures.

Most imageboards and 2channel-style discussion boards allow (and encourage) anonymous posting and use a system of tripcodes instead of registration. Anonymity is considered to be one of the advantages of an imageboard. Some boards have from time to time removed the ability to post with a name altogether (known as 'forced anonymous/anonymity'). Programs such as tripcode explorer enable one to create custom tripcodes, in order to further cement one's identity. However, using a tripcode on some boards, such as 4chan, is generally discouraged by the community, who prefer to remain anonymous. Users of tripcodes are often referred to as "tripfags", a name meant to offend new users.


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