Advertising with the Biplane

biplane picture

What better way to get your message across to a broad audience than with an airplane. You can submit up to a 30 character message to be displayed on the biplane banner that fly's across the sky.

After your payment is received and your message approved, I will fly a banner with your message across's sky for the amount of time you paid for. Your message may even contain one hyper-linked word.

Rates are based upon demand and up two 2 ads may be active at any given time. The current rate is 0.03 Bitcoins per hour plus cost of fuel which is 0.05 Bitcoins. Please note that the given hourly rate only includes ONE (1) side of the banner. If you wish to purchase both sides, simply double the hourly rate.

Only Bitcoins are accepted.

To get started send me an email at with your message. It must meet the following requirements:

  • Under 30 characters
  • NO foul language
  • NO erotic or sexual language
  • If a link is given, it must point to a non-redirected location.

You are allowed one link on a single word.

If your advertisement is approved you will receive payment instructions. It may take up to 24 hours to process your request.