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If your chan is suspended

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#1 | Posted: 15 Dec 2012 23:31
Many chan operators email me asking why thier chan has been suspended and there domain added to the blacklist.

If you have your chan suspended, make sure it's not violating any of the following key items:

1) Not a chan - The #1 reason why you'll get blacklisted. It's quite simple and requires no further explanation.

2) URL Redirection - Domains are cheap, and if you have hosting, you can more thank likely have a domain. URL redirection services and shorteners are prohibited, plain and simple.

3) Listing your chan multiple times - Many chan operators think the are smart and start listing there chan more than once, especially if they have bad reviews. Rather than make a new account, why not try and correct the problem? If I find you list your chan multiple time, I won't even reply to your email.

That's it, so long as you follow the 3 simple guidelines above, you won't get suspended. Your welcome to run a cesspool of ads and spam, but don't expect much results as our reviews system will push your website down to the bottom of the list.
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