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1 Million Hits Milestone

Author Admin
#1 | Posted: 19 Mar 2011 11:03 | Edited by: Admin
Looks like we just passed the 1,000,000 hits mile stone over the weekend. The Top Chan Information list has only been up since January 2011. It is amazing just how quickly this Chan top list board has become so popular. A very big thank you to all our registered users and visitors for making TopChan.info an overnight success!

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Author Guest
#2 | Posted: 20 Mar 2011 02:19
Congrats! That's a nice milestone to hit so early.
Author Admin
#3 | Posted: 14 Apr 2011 19:41
The TopChan Information list has just passed another 1 million unique hits, this time in less than 1 month's time.

Additionally, our Alexa ranking has "blown up" far faster than I could have imagined. In fact, I belive we are the most visited chan list on the Internet. Even surpassing Inter-Chan, which although have been around longer and have more members, it's the Alexa ranking that matters most.

Thanks to all our members and guests. Maybe I'll offer a treat.
Author Admin
#4 | Posted: 20 Jun 2011 07:45
5 Million Hits!

Thank you to all chan operators and "channers" for making The TopChan Info List the most popular imageboard directory on the web.
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