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how to start my chan board?

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#1 | Posted: 12 Feb 2012 10:57
how do i start my own chan board? i have experience in web design, html coding and i have been running an adult paysite (with exclusive content of amateur girls that i shoot) for over 7 years now....but have never operated a chan board. it seems very easy to do but where do i start?

is there a particular service that i can sign up with that will have a pre-designed template that i can modify or a script that i would install on my server, etc? i would be running a very clean and high quality chan board and i am sure that a lot of surfers would enjoy it.

so yeah, any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys.
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#2 | Posted: 12 Feb 2012 23:32
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#3 | Posted: 14 Feb 2012 16:17
Is jb working, keep getting redirected?
Author Guest
#4 | Posted: 15 Feb 2012 08:04
what do you mean redirected??
Author Guest
#5 | Posted: 15 Feb 2012 11:07
Redirected 2 a site called "adultworld.com"...can get on front page of jbchan, but wen i click on /b/ ect, i get taken 2 this other site. Any solutions plz?
Author Guest
#6 | Posted: 15 Feb 2012 16:10
It workz now...thx
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