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Awesome, JailBait HardCore is down.

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#16 | Posted: 27 Jan 2012 23:51
You know.....a few decades ago it was practically illegal to be gay. Or a lesbian. Or a tranny. You were litaerally a social pariah! Single males could not adopt at all, never mind gays adopting. Marrying your boyfriends or lesbian lover? Fuggedaboutit!

Fast forward to present day and all of this is accepted. Now that's not to say that we should accept people fucking peoples kids. The complete opposite in fact. But everyone needs to realize that like gays, some people are born to never be attracted to adults. And while it is never ok to go and have sex with a very young child or anyone under 14-15 for that matter, some people do find them attractive. It's like being 10-12 for the first time and having a crush on the pretty girl in school. We were ALL attracted to young girls/boys at one point when we ourselves were young, but for some people that attraction didn't go away as they themselves got older.

So what to do? You can't change how you feel. They tried that with the gays remember.... You can't go and ask a teen out on a date, as they would think you were being creepy (Which you would be!), never mind being illegal most everywhere. And that is where all these JB chans come in. It allows said person to get what he needs to feel sexually/mentally complete. This is something everyone should have the right too. Just like gays, lesbians, transgendered and so on.

As long as these people do not go out and try to live their fantasies in real life no on gets hurt in any way. And it can be argued that having these chans available keeps teens and kids from being molested in real life from sexually repressd individuals.

Just something to think about. Remember what turns you on can be disgusting and amoral to others and vice verse.

P.S. I agree that people should not be posting CP in open chans. Most people would not ever want to see such things and it can cause sever stress or psychological damage to ones psyche in rare instances. As with anything in society, once you start causing harm to others with your beliefs, pastimes, actions you should not continue to do so.
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